Xepi™ Treatment


The safety and efficacy of Xepi TM for the treatment of impetigo was evaluated in two multi-center, randomized, double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials.1 Clinical response comparing Xepi™ to placebo for all randomized subjects (the primary endpoint in both trials) is shown in Figure 1. Clinical success for those subjects with S. aureus or S. pyogenes identified at baseline is shown in Figure 2. These data were supportive of the primary analysis.

Xepi™ in depth clinical trial results
Xepi tube in front of other Xepi packaging

Why Xepi™ Works

XepiTM acts by blocking the action of two enzymes essential for bacterial DNA replication: DNA gyrase A and topoisomerase IV. Overall, the frequency of resistant mutants selected by XepiTM is less than or equal to 10-10.1

Xepi supero illustration flying through air with fist raised

FDA Approved for Infants As Young As Two Months

XepiTM offers a brief five-day treatment course with only two doses required each day. The safety profile of XepiTM in pediatric patients is similar to that of adults. In clinical trials, XepiTM was generally well tolerated.1

Overall, the frequency of adverse drug reactions for Xepi™ was low; one adult patient treated with XepiTM reported an adverse reaction of rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis.

Xepi Tube

Topical Application

XepiTM cream, 1% is a pale yellow cream supplied in a 30-gram tube.